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When I'm not writing murder mysteries and award winner books, I'm digging holes

Writers all have their diversionary tactics to avoid or break writer's block. For me, it's "working in the yard" -- the term that most guys use for gardening -- or at least most Southern guys. My longtime friend Marsha Cannon interviewed me in October 2013 for her popular blog and featured my family backyard or garden. Marsha wanted to picture me in the location where I spend most of my time writing my murder mysteries and medical thrillers. Truthfully, where and when I craft my fiction into manuscript varies with what the rest of my life is throwing at me -- thus the necessity of a laptop and downloaded file via a flash drive. I have included below the link above to the feature, which includes a brief pictorial tour of Darden's Garden and mention of my award winner books. I encourage readers to check out Cannon's other posts. In fact, I know of many who start the day with a visit to the daily offering posted on http://marshacanno